AI/ML for Fusion Summer School 2024#

The Open and Fair Fusion for Machine Learning Applications Project

(last update: June 19/2024)


Synopsis: An intensive 2-week summer school focused on undergraduate students with backgrounds in physics, engineering, computer science, applied mathematics and data science will be offered at William & Mary. This summer course will include a close to equal distribution of traditional instruction and active projects. The traditional instruction will provide daily 80 min instruction in morning classes with a focus on computing, applied mathematics, machine learning and fusion energy. These classes will be based on existing classes offered in data science at W&M, such as databases, applied machine learning and deep learning, Bayesian reasoning in data science. These classes will be supplemented with a class focused on fusion energy for the applications the students will tackle during the hands-on component and for students’ summer research. A draft agenda to be posted soon.

This course is based on the following references [D'Agostini, 2003, MacKay et al., 2003, Martin, 2018, Murphy, 2012, Pointer, 2019, Sutton and Barto, 2018]

Information on the Summer School

Data Science (Lectures and Notebooks)

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